Windmill Engine
Unlock requirements
Population of 5000
Construction Cost
1500 C
Maintenance cost
500 C
Negative Effect

Windmills, also known as wind power plants produce a small amount of electricity (about 0.1 token each) and naturally don't emit Air Pollution (and thus do not contribute to climate change). They do, however, make Noise Pollution (a new feature). The buildings do not have foundations in the demo and seem to float in midair when built on slopes.

As they do not employ anyone it's best to place them somewhere on a far edge of the map where the noise pollution doesn't effect your city.

The Unlocker Mod includes a Windmill field that produces 5% more than the amount of the windmills in the zone but also employs 1 or two people.

  • Windmill close up
  • Wind Power

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