Part of a Supportive Agricultural City

Just as one needs a supportive industrial city for industrial tokens (and possibly utilities), one will need at least one city producing food. This is where the Supportive Agricultural City comes in. It is located on a Map with at least 2 stars of fertile land and preferably some water also. By covering every inch of fertile land with farms, one can get all the token multiplying buildings to skyrocket production. One effective city can provide food for 2 million citizens (which translates to about 40 food tokens). If you find a map with at least 4 stars combined fertile land and ground water, then you can specialize in water as well (it is best you find a map with 3 stars of fertile land such as Plain with Mounds, Grassy Marshland, The Old Falls, The Wetlands, or The Wild River). With water, you can cheat and place as many water towers as you can fit in an area while paused and you will have more water produced with a 1 water star map than is legitimately possible with a 3 star water map.

  • Close up of supportive agricultural city
  • Partially developed supportive agricultural city
  • Large Agricultural Area
  • Postcard view of farms

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