The New Transport menu is the central point for accessing the content delivered in the NEXL mod .

It replaces the original transport menu and offers a range of new options.

You can follow the progress on the XL Nation Website, where you can also download it when it is released.

NEXL Transport Menu 1

New Transport Menu


The new menu is organized as follows:

  1. Column: General categories - Paths, Roads, Highways, Rail, Air&Sea, Public Transports, Inter City
  2. Column: Subcategories - providing the separate options for each category
  3. Column: Construction tools - Straight, 8-Direction, Curvet tool, and the Bridges tool

Paths menu

The left hand top menu button allows selection of personal non road transport:

- Pedestrian routes - providing options for your citizens to walk calmly on exclusive roads!

- Quad bike routes - an opportunity to build elaborate race tracks for Quad bikes, so that your citizens can have tons of fun!

Roads menu

The left hand second menu button allows selection of road transport:

- Car routes (traditional roads) - these are the normal roads that come with CXL 2012

- Tram routes - roads with tracks that allow tramway transport

- Bus routes - roads with exclusive bus lanes

- Bicycle routes - roads with exclusive bicycle lanes

Highways menu

The left hand third menu button allows selection of highways, and their intersection pieces.

Rail, Air & Sea menu

The left hand fourth menu button allows selection of institutional non road transport:

- Above Ground Metro - an alternative metro track that runs on the ground

- Railways - the much expected Inter-city trains system

- Waterways - allows ferry boat connections in the city, ship routes for Inter-city connections, as well as leisure water activities, like yachting and surfing.

- Airways - allows creation of Inter-city airplane routes, as well as in-city air routes.

Where appropriate, options exist to allow the route to be:

-Straight roads

-45 degree road tool roads

-Curvy roads

-Tunnels & bridges

Public Transports menu

The left hand fifth menu button allows selection of public transit buildings, currently existing in the game.

Inter City menu

The left hand sixth menu button allows selection of airports & harbours.


Guide to be created during the beta test

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