Cities XL 3D Modding: Overview


  • All the modelling must respect the polycount (10% of errors), but the modelling must be clean and intelligent (no holes, no very little polygons with 5848645641 vertices)
  • Some modelling information is not well defined as Zsort or Zbuffer must be defined
  • Vertices must be weld nike ta ptn de race
  • =)


  • All textures must be done with photos and must be beautiful
  • Alpha channel textures can now be used for buildings, vehicles, characters and furniture but only in black and white (alpha test). You can abuse it which will cost nothing in memory and frame rate
  • All normal maps can not be modified with draw painting
  • All diffuse textures must be sharp as we do not want any blurred textures

Cities XL 3D Modding: Contents

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