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Cities XL 3D Modding: Furniture Technical Information


There are four texture types:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal
  • Specular
  • Illumination



The furniture’s size is defined by its category (e.g. streetlight, telephone etc.)

►Pivot position:

Furniture has its pivot on X0;Y0;Z0 in the Max scene.

Furniture models use only two level of details models. L1(L3) &  L2(L4)

Triangle count for models should be around 500 or less or more depending on the usage.

Top View in 3ds Max

Mod Guide Top View Furniture

Top View in 3ds Max

Front View in 3ds Max

Mod Guide Front View Furniture

Front View in 3ds Max

Naming Convention

►Types of assets:

  • B = Building
  • H = House
  • V = Vehicle
  • C = Character
  • F = Furniture
  • D = Decor




Code Description Category
_genGeneralNo particular category
_eliEliteUltra Rich (Elites)
_suiSuitRich (Executives)
_allAllamMiddle class (skilled workers)
_friFringeMiddle class
_lowLowlifeWorking class (unskilled workers)

Code Description Examples
_tycFarmFarmFarmers, animals


►For one of the streetlights, the max scene is called:


►In the max scene there will be 1 vehicle with all its lods:



►The materials are called:


►The textures are called:

Texture Slot in 3ds Max L1 name
OpacitySpecular levelF_streetlight01_opa_L1
SpecularSpecular levelF_streetlight01_sp_L1
ReflectionReflection levelF_streetlight01_rf_L1
IlluminationSelf - illuminationF_streetlight01_ill_L1

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